Monday, February 8, 2010

That Day

Editor's note: Sahnun Mohamud, 17 year old, is the co-founder of WakeUpSomalia. The mission of this noble cause is to sew the tapestry of EDUCATION by building public schools in Somalia. I am absolutely certain that young Somalis like Sahnun will be among the leaders our country will benefit from. Check out the facebook page for WakeUpSomalia:

My eyes, slowly flickering through the summer blazing sun
My mouth, dry as the sand, of water here there’s none
I wake again, a gift, cherished by but a few
Sometimes I sit and wonder, if only you truly knew
I step out of my quarters, made of branches, a tiny bit of mud
I look for beauty, but in this town, even the flowers-dare not bud
I run to the field, it’s time for soccer, maybe a chance to play
Suddenly came the aid trucks, oh no! The camp’s now in a fray
I ran to my quiet spot, to escape, for peace
Unfortunately there was a serpent; on it was written “qabil”
Before I fled, I noticed it was guarding a light blue box
It had a white star in the middle, though nearly covered in locks
My camp recently went through a severe starvation
The question I ask myself is how did this serpent survive that deprivation?
The answer soon became clear; his food wasn’t water, milk, nor bread
Instead he ate ignorance, chewed racism, I warn you, this snake won’t shed
I couldn’t stand it anymore; before I could get poisoned.. I ran
Back to my hut, no brothers, no sisters, no parents.. Just desert sand
As I lay for a while, staring at my hay covered roof I thought to myself
What could I do with a home, a family, a future and good health?
Well I know Somalia has issues, some large, and some small
But dividing ourselves is surely! Our greatest pitfall!
As a combined people there is no doubt we can slay the serpent
We can take back our country, unlock the chains, please sound the trumpets!
As for me, I’m 18, born and raised in a Kenyan Refugee camp
I don’t know anything more than the camp life I lead.. Life here is hard; faith is strong, emotions mostly damp
I have nothing now, no possessions, no family, no place to call “home”
But I keep a clear vision in mind, a peaceful Somalia, no hatred, a place I can freely roam
It’s true; I have a vision though I’m surrounded by nothing
It’s how I keep hope, get out of bed, and dream about helping
I know in my heart that Somalia will be rebuilt someday, a boomtown, and a safe haven
How long it takes depends on Somali’s from all walks of life, both rich and poverty stricken
One thing I know for sure is, when that Day comes, that Hour, that Minute that Second.. comes
I will be among the Somali’s who can look in the mirror, smile, look out at a new country, so emotional that my smile will numb.
What will you do, that day?

Sahnun Mohamud
Copyright © 2010

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