Sunday, February 14, 2010

The world I live in

I feel a steady unrest, growing stronger with everyday
From the time I wake to the night when my head I rest to lay

The laws of man, studied and searched to find truth, prejudice found in abundance instead
A society that sponsors a dog, but never offers the starving human a loaf of bread

A society where wrong is ordinary, and right is frowned on
Where the strong have pledged that the weak shall ever be preyed upon

A society where words are no longer spoken from the heart
But where the doctrine of deception is considered a fine art
I wonder if earth is similar today, in its ways as the start

Lovers no longer sincere, born from the same womb still doesn’t stop you for killing your brother
Willing and adamant to exploited you’re innocent sister

Quick to offer the victimised false sympathy
No need to look further then their eyes to see their words empty

Even I play my part in this corruption, ever flirting with taking what I must not
Persuading my soul that I can’t change anything, in this world I am but a single dot
Nothing special to find but another formed blood clot
Truth and wisdom, found when this form of thought I fought to stop

Things can never be changed from the heights of the top
Focus your efforts at the depths of the drop

Travelled a few destinations, privileged to have lived among a few different races
Each community bared the scares of hurt on the faces

Son of Adam only hope is to over come your greed
Tame the body; heed the soul and the mind you must feed

Mindless leaders, their sole objective is to blunder
Further destroying and dragging humanity under
To far gone to hear the cries of the people even if loud as thunder
Deserts grow in place of the green heavenly lands of Africa

I am young but nevertheless wise enough to know
To find peace now on earth, the peak of Everest, I should go

On the TV’s and radios, they shout we fight for freedom,
Politicians try Sweet words to cloak total oppression
Only but a few, the grand masters of this grand scale deception
Words in the past gave birth to mighty revolutions
I hold on to the hope one day these words would inspire a solution.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2009

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