Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Youth of Tomorrow

Let me make somethings clear
The quran make diseases disappear
You hear
Let me borrow your hearts and ears
I gotta a story tell that happened last year
This is a sincere advise
Listen up and if your are really wise
Listen up and learn so you can concern
There was a youth who use to have hope in Allah
He used to hold on tight on the rope of Allah
So it was time for trails to see if he was real or not
Trails after trails it appears that he was weak
And half of what he thought he was
Tear after tear in his loneliness
Allah gave his strength and took him out of the darkness
By good deeds he came near Allah
Reminiscing of his bad deeds he got fear of Allah
On the road he found his soul and internal vision
He found him self in this tranquilized sphere
Harmony and passion adheres in the heart
The youth got more quite and distinguished
Dreaming of becoming pioneer for the ummah
Seeming he finally found his career
The road of victory and real success for Allah became more dear to him
Then the road of blaming and laming
Cause the youth understood motivation for Allah sake is really a salvation
Now when he got this fundamental foundation
The shaytan beautifies the temptation
His relation whit the Lord of Existence conceals the sensation
His admiration of reviving the Ummah back got big
The youth dedications gave him the real destination
Congratulations the Ummah got a youth from this generation
Thats in hesitation fot the goal and far beyond your expectations
Cause he realized the real situation and his obligation.

Mohammed Abikar
Copyright © 2010

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