Sunday, March 14, 2010

the boy and the herd

This is just something i wrote in response to a debate i heard about the diffrent"lands" of the somali people. it seems that we will seperate to the extent that no man can stand the sight of his brother.

In the presence of kayos you can only be humbled by the affect

In the light of discussion heated words exchanged without regret

In the midst of the arid low lands of the somaal

From Europe passing Libya, Liberia and Senegal

In the African sunset a picture no painter can match the perfection

A herd of camels and a young boy with a wooden stick

Playing while camels graze seemingly not phased

No other land or herd or play ground he would pick

Draw closer and ask him the route Hargaysa

East from Jigjiga past laso canood he would wager

Ask him the way to Bosaso port

Go east to the beaches and look north

Out of interest ask him the distance between xamar and kismayo

He will reply a month’s walk then question waayo?

Ask him of the people who dwell in these lands

Seemingly 2 feet taller nose an inch to the north

Soft afro moving with the wind as if he is the wisest of all things

He exclaims this is the land of the Somali

Founded by a man here lives his children

We live in tribes and clans but united by blood honour and heritage

A Thousands years of tradition, we live with the land and we cherish it

Warriors, nomads and farmers

a land of poets us children shall inherit from our fathers

A Somali when ever in despair you see a hundred more there

Religion brings us our peace and our karma...

tears flows from you when you listen but your astonished by the absurdity

He then curiously asks if we have went to Adel and how goes the sultan

you ask who...he smiles...then grins...Breaks into laughter

And cries Axmad Gurey ofcourse

Undoubting his power and force he points his stick

And wonders if its his herd your after

Wondering back to the camels’ he turns to take another look

That picture alone you could draw in a thousand books

** ahmed gurey is a well known hero among the somalis yet lived a thousend years ago.
the boy represents the eternal spirit of hope among the somali. that after all that has happen a few still believe.

Mohamed Jamal Mohamed (SIRAT)
Copyright ©2009

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