Friday, March 5, 2010


Oh! Deeqa, your are an angel and the champion of women,
Thou outstanding, you surpass them by beauty and honour,
You have a degree and the prettiness of fresh fruits,
You outsmart them (women) all by style and conduct.

Armed is thee with the best pride and quality of a woman,
The dark silhouette of the black hair waving beyond measure,
On top each the other level by level, like the tides of the ocean,
Leveled is your voice that saturates my heart with love.

My ear congratulates on the sweetness of your speech,
Grasping the soul, the heart babbles with your love,
Filled with anticipation desire longs for you each dawn,
I write songs for you and the people are all asleep.

Heroine is thee, the daughter of the sultan,
Thou is lightning flash and the status of gold,
You deserve to be extolled with lines of poetry,
Dear Deeqa, I will give you my soul as present.

Deeqa, via lyrics I acknowledged how I love thee,
Where I am in your heart is certified and grantee,
You fore-know the idiomatic phrases and wisdom,
Me active and the top hero of men - manhood.

Alas! Deeqa-hodan, I don't sleep day time,
And in illusion I spend with you night time,
Alert is my mind and ready for your love,
And midnight, I look for you around me.

Because of you I will go to Hadaftimo, Hado and Sol,
In Sarmanyo, I will dance and celebrate for you,
Darling, I will build for you shelter on the mountains of Sanag,
And I will erect an historic statue in your honour.

I will take you to Harbole and Harganti of having no heat,
In the forest you will be saluted by green leaves and ripe fruits,
You will respond to the playing buds and the dancing flowers,
Enthusiasm of your love, I will author songs in the name of love.

Babe, I will show you the beauty of Har'ad and Hargelle,
We will tour in Harwein and across the lakes of Dollo,
Your vision will be enriched by the cereal of Godey,
You will stroll along the bank of Elan River like drizzle.

Sightseeing of Dagahboor will free you from nostalgia and strangeness,
Glancing at the view of Bullale will immediately quench your thirst,
Herar and Jigjiga are the land of comfort and leisure,
Rich as we are, and Garissa is must-be-gone-to and inevitable.

You will democratically amble in the gorgeous Wajir,
Flower-covered is Madera of the multiple stripes,
You will rest under the cold shading of the Higle of Ijara,
Qureish-like Deeqa, we shall be there for our love tour.

Dignified spouse awards love and never damages romance,
My heroine, diamond and pearl, I owe you tremendous love,
Endless is the jealousy of women now and then,
I have no interest of love in others but thee.

You are the princess that I traced and found,
The love we emotion-fed failed not, but prosperity,
In such a stage our love is soul-shared property,
Thanks God, marriage is success and victory.

NOTE: This poem was written in Somali language by Stanza and then he translated it into English.

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2010

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