Sunday, March 28, 2010

Missing Africa

My lands call out to me, my dear brown child, have you forgotten
At night when you where restless and your fears deepened
You lay beneath the stars and marveled at creation
And your faith in the almighty I would strengthen.
You walked amongst your people, happy and content
The lord would open the heavens, and the rain arrived like a messenger sent
The earth would spring to life, wildlife big or small we all lived in perfect harmony
From your warm shelter you smiled and enjoyed the company of your family
You spent time absorbing wisdom from the elders
Do you remember the strong words spoken by your father?
A man leaves this world with only his knowledge and his good deed
Knowledge lights the path and guides you through the journey
Deeds multiply not only to give you peace on this earth they go much further
I said don’t worry, let me out into the world and let me learn
Back then my dreams and hopes where primitive, money my main concern
These days I sit by and let my mind wonder, on my days as reckless youngster
Spent my days getting high and drawing trouble, wit my life I was a gambler
Those days long gone and filed in distant memory, yesterday began a new chapter
No longer a child as I my self now a proud father

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2009
H.E 9/07

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