Saturday, March 27, 2010


I take you, I feel complete
My Inspiration, edible concrete
Without you, i feel downbeat
My companion, Outstandingly a treat.

I consume you, I become a profound writer
I kill words on paper, You make me brighter
Sip Sip Gulp, the ultimate fighter
Random words, never lighter.

I'm addicted whether hot or cold
In the end, i write a piece of gold
Consumption of you, I bid "Sold''!
And Behold! You are everyone's fold.

My precious cuppa tea, I must take
The delectable aroma, no mistake
Heyl, qorfo ( Slam!), I am awake
Full savoury cup, Better than a juicy steak?

Waa tarmuus shaax, Iskuso baxaa
I sip, You sip, dont ask maxaa
Grand tea-party, soo daxaa.

Ilhan Bashir.
Copyright ©2010

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