Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A question for the living.

I wish to ask you all a sincere question, but before I do please lend me your time and consideration. Like you I am an offspring of a mother and a father, human in my appearance yet I am not treated as such. In my small enclosed world my pain is much, everyone around me by the same grief is indisputably touched.

Loved ones, neighbours even strangers, we share a common empty glazed stare. A normal day for us all is to live and anticipate hatred and fear. We constantly hear of peace but for such hypocrisy we no longer care, duplicity is what landed us in this anguish, this despair.

The capacity to adapt is a gift from heaven, through the hail of bullets and artillery we try to bear and maintain, but now from our homes like wild animals we are driven. My unyielding frustration no words could portray, if you were to venture into my streets for a day, of your sanity, your soundness of brain, I guaranty only a fraction would remain.

I have become accustom to this imposed life; you would too if everyday was the same. The cries of my people echo through out the city, as the young grow in pity and the old die with memories of peace empty. Lack of water, lack of food I swear if they had the means, from me air they would seclude.

A restricted existence, stones and faith my only tools of resistance, I am the modern day holocaust victim of a previous prey; I am to be slaughtered at any cost no matter what you may think or say. Time has shown in the past that nothing on earth is to indefinitely last, even if it seems that an eternity has come to pass.

I finally ask you all to think and ponder, what if it was you that lived under the cruel eyes of my oppressor.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010

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