Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Mahogany, cinnamon and shaax complexion,

Captivating isku filan personality.

Instant attraction, like an induced dipole neighbour,

Charming old skool Somali flavour.

Her gracious stride portrays her Somali pride,

Curvaceous hips, Jimmy Choo’s and guntiino attire

Eyes follow her they never tire,

They’re intrigued by her ability to inspire.

On the surface she looks calm,

The world in her palm.

Ingrained emotional immunity,

Resistant to the pathogens of reality.

She hurts but never shows,

Takes a self- criticism over dose,

Her internal cries never heard,

Solo she learned.

She repeats “single, satisfied and not searching”,

Her shot at happiness she defeats.

Truth is…sinister memories are still lurking.

She made the wrong selection,

Wasted her affection,

Altered her true reflection.

Now, the mirror reflects change and new tactics,

Perfect symmetry, that protects…as life gets hectic.

Maryam Arab
Copyright © 2010

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