Sunday, March 14, 2010

You aint never had a friend like me

Editor's note: He is BACK! lol. Ismail is definitely one of the youngest and also among one of the brightest poet I have ever come across. So proud that he is part of Somalia TNP. Its the ability to read poems from such talented people that makes TNP worth the experience.

Do your recall when we met
You were nervous at first, kind of upset
First time u did it u were full of regret
But a true friend one could never neglect
I demand all you got, your utmost respect

They introduced us to one another
But even they knew we were made for each other
I am your green and brown brother
First couple of times and you accused me of being sour and bitter
That didn’t stop you; I knew u weren’t a quitter
Circulating constantly in your system
At first u were ashamed of me and tried to block me out
You tried hard and long but u couldn’t get my taste out you’re mouth
I had u hooked no doubt
You can’t stand reality
U can always turn me; ill turn everything into a fantasy
Let yourself go for a moment
This feels good, don’t it?

So now we are one and the same
You’re a player and this is my game
Got problems at home, I aint the one to blame
Besides, I improve your social skills no longer boring or lame
You don’t even feel shy no more, no shame

You keep on chewing, thinking this is what it takes to be down
I make you drop jokes, they label you a clown
U can’t stop laughing
Can’t even feel time passing
You feel spirited and rejuvenated
If you only knew that I got your mind trapped and incarcerated
I affect everyone, never race related
I make heads spin
I don’t choose side’s because in the end I always win
So let the games begin

And what’s sad is, you think you’re in control
Pff, nigga I own your mind body and soul
You can’t escape cause am always awake and alert
You walk around weary, talking to the dirt
By now you start to scream and curse
I tore your family apart and it hurts
Your wife and kids are calling
You can’t hear them, you’re falling
Falling Into the abyss
How did it come to this?

You’re blind you can’t see
But remember you chose me
And not the other way around
You crawl and crumble on the ground
Your deaf you can’t hear a sound
Don’t think you’re my first
Cause I’ve been addictive since birth

At first sight you were curious
Little bit of nervous
Aint nothing strange about that
But curiosity created KHAT..

Ismail Mopreme
Copyright © 2010

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