Friday, April 30, 2010


With the rise of new morning,
the bicycle man starts his daily commute.
Feeling empowered he starts his journey driving in the middle of road,
without any fear from the four legged hunters, he goes forward in his path.

As the day progresses,
his power becomes increasingly diminished.
He is forced to take his rightful place,
toward the sidewalk he goes to drive.

As his day comes to near end,
he drives back to home competing against the falling sun.
Knowing what it can bring,
he races in his pedaling.

If he is caught in night fall,
he knows he is part of endangered creatures within darkness.

As he arrives home,
he knows same fate awaits him the next morning.

Off he goes to bed later on,
dreaming about the land full of bicycle people.

Sadiiq Ashuhle
Copyright © 2010

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