Saturday, April 24, 2010


A Waving Flag
Is A Thing Of The Past
So Throw Those Negative Thoughts Away
Cause You Gotta Have Faith & Not Be Afraid
But How Is That Possible When Violence Is All You Know
And Scars Are about the Only Things You Could show
Funny Ain't It How They Can't See
What Somalia Could Actually Mean To Be
Yes I Know Not Much Of What It Used To Be
But In My Mind I Know Of What It Should Be
Someday When Its Free
Someday When People Will Agree & Not Disagree
Well On Certain Things Like The Land
People And They're Democracy
But How Is That Possible When All You can See
Are People & Images On The T.V. Screen
& How It Shows No Good Only The Violence
And In Recent Events The Occurance Of The Somali Pirates
But My Heart Goes Out TO My Country Somali That's Her Name
Everything That's Happening Over There Lemme Assure You It Ain't a Game
Cause Best Believe It My Country's In Pain
And Don't Blame Our Youth Because They Don't Know
So They Put Up This Wall As If They Don't Care
But Deep Down Inside They're Scared
So Educate Them & Believe Me They'll Understand
The History Of Their Mother Land
And How Through The Years She's Been Used & Abused
Hurt Her More & One Thing They Wont Do
But Hope & Pray That The Day Will Come
That Our Land Is Restored Back Into One
Somalia I See Is Like A Diamond In The Rough
Finding Her Beauty Is Now Very Tough
Throughout The Land The National Anthem Will Be Sung
But You Can't Have Peace When Your Holding A Gun

Faduma Warsame
Copyright © 2010

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