Saturday, April 24, 2010


Akhi's dressed in full Islamic regalia,
Beards lengthy and the term? Extremist
Sisters ninja covered to ensure decency,
Seen as 'unliberated' in addition a Terrorist?
Indeed the world is Islamophobic, beyond paranoid
Through my poems I'll educate them, Call me the lyrical Terrorist

You mock, shame and kill us, In military Prison
Guantanamo bay made only to torture Muslims without a Reason
Violation of human rights, Treating us like we committed high Treason
The world entertainingly watches, Like its the football Season.

It is a beautiful, Peaceful Religion, and it is Islam
Teaches respect for human life and preaches Calm
Our greetings NOT sup akhi where we bombing? But a simple Salaam
Innocent Muslims hunted down from Afghanistan to Daresalam

War on terror simply means war on Muslims, thats the hidden Agenda
Rape, humiliate and kill them, As they watch from their Hacienda
Not forgetting the name segregation, No job for Fatima & Ali But for Brenda
Yes its a twisted world run by the elite, In wipe out Muslims they Splendor
But we stay strong amidst it all, ALLAHU AKBAR we will not Surrender.


Ilhan Bashir
Copyright © 2010

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