Saturday, April 24, 2010

The one

I lower my gaze every time she is in my presents

I am not myself when am in her company

My insensitivity and stupidity in her company haunts me when she is gone

The smell of her perfume and the rare site of her beauty have left a permanent mark in my heart

I rally myself up every day to approach her and tell her how I feel

But it’s a battle I keep losing

Cupid has truly pieced my heart and struck a cord

Only she can heal my wounds

Her beauty haunts me every night

Every day I dream about her

Its getting harder to concentrate on anything else

I am infatuated by her

I hope to be relieved of this phenomenon sooner rather than later

I don’t know how long I can stay sane without her

I am blind to her past but to know her in the present it’s like a rare flower blooming right in front of my eyes and I am the only witness, a moment of bliss

I pray to god our paths will cross again

Either way I will always have you in my heart

Like an unfinished book my life is not complete without her.

Beyond doubt she is the one for me

I only hope she feels the same way


Copyright © 2010

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