Friday, May 14, 2010



This is not just another beautiful Narrative
These are reflective words woven with the intention of Motivation
This is a subtle Mobilization..
From Dunya to Deen Transformation.


Blood coagulating, Heart still pumping, Optical aberration
Double wink Alhamdullilah You're still alive...Still
Appreciation through prayers forgotten: Fajr gone
Cozy bed addictive like sleeping pill...Pill
Another day dawns, will it be wasted on fun and Thrill
Or perfecting your know-how in Deen-Ville?
Im a walking reminder as I write with my primary Quill.
Cradle to the Grave.. Think..Reflect..

Sunnah neglected, Deen later, Life Oh Hi
Do you Remember Allah the Sublime
Even a little from Dusk till Evening draws Nigh?
Hurried Prostration, Salaah rationed, Why?


What If you die tomorrow or even today?
Do you feel hints of Terror?
I know lurking fear dwells In your conscience, no Error
Deep thoughts..Are you with me?
Are you almost sinking Dear Kalimah Bearer?

Allah Al-Ghafoor, Oft-Forgiving.. Think..Reflect...Think Again

Death knows no Age, Prepare before Desolation
Ummah Ya Muhammad (pbuh) Unite, Trust Corporation
Give charity, support all Muslims Under Occupation
Little things should not Vaporize, Increase Dua Utilization
Proud Muslims by Identification!

Ya Habibillah Ya Rasullulah (s.a.w) ..Think..Reflect

Say no to mental retardation, Coloration of our Minds
Illuminati proliferation, Infiltrating our eyes like curtains without Blinds
Seek refuge in Allah swt, The Protector, Lord of Mankind
And a Good Life in Dunya fil Akhirat you will InshaAllah Find.

Think..Reflect...Think Again..!!

Ilhan Bashir
Copyright 2010.

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