Friday, May 14, 2010

Words spoken.

Words spoken as truth, but heard on the grapevine, when the tongue is wicked, how can the feet walk a straight line, the most precious to a traveler, the voyage, the passage of time, exchanging the light for the dark, democracy for the divine, a distaste for that which is sweeter then honey, for something sour then the peelings of lime, i worship not fame and money, the teachings of my prophet (pbuh) so sublime, and the Quran, a blessing from my Rahman, the only way to soften this dark heart of mine.

Human and worldly desire, burn one another like flesh roasting in fire, mankind nor earth last forever, a detriment to one another, imaan strong as iron I desire, yageen a must aspire.

I testify that there is non-worthy of worship but Allah, and Mohamed (pbuh) is his messenger, a token of mercy from my lord and creator, given to the most beautiful soul to deliver, not a strain but compassion and shelter, a belief in my lord’s power, an exchange for simple prayer, charity for the orphans and the weaker, fasting for my soul, mind and body of its fragile state remember.

I seek forgiveness, I grow faint a grow sturdy, please Allah give me guidance before I am put to the soil beneath me, strength my resolve, I wish to please you before into nothing I dissolve, give benevolence to me my family and my umah, unite and strengthen us together, my lord you are the start and you are the finish, protect us from the wicked and the fiendish.

My master, the owner of this soul, please ease the pain, please ease the death toll, please protect the Muslim world, please aid Palestine, shield our fathers our mothers, our brothers and sisters the young and the old, give them strength and the endurance to withhold, from the vicious and the morally cold

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010

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