Saturday, July 3, 2010

Group poem 10: Somalia's 50th Independence Day

The finest day has arrived
For the people of Soomaal
Our celebrated independence day
In which we happily celebrate
So please accept my request
To gather on the streets

To make the longest lines,
All facing Allah with gratitude
For I now want you to give
To hold your warm hands
Facing down with closed eyes
Sensing secure and surrounded

Feeling the blood of my brothers
Sensing the blood of my sisters
To feel I’m protected.
To feel I’m loved.
To heed in I am cared.
To a nation, people, and place

Let’s us straight up our chins
Opening our innocent mouths wide
Singing our national anthem
Till our throats desiccated
Till emotions run too high
Tears rolling down the cheeks

To pray and heal our hearts
Hugging and helping each other.
O' you my honorable youth
Hoping we make a difference.
Let's pray for our country
Let's pray for our leaders

To understand and reconcile
To sign accords of peace
The long waited unification
Let’s ask our Almighty
To forgive and bless us
Now let’s read few verses

Including the surah, Fati'ah
Acknowledging the power
Of our feeder and forgiver
And ask for help and bless
He so may bless Somalia
With peace and tranquility

Faisal Abdi
Copyright © 2010

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