Saturday, July 3, 2010

Group poem 10: Somalia's 50th Independence Day

The desire is stronger than you think
Through everything, even when I believe
The grieving pen I write with ink
Trying with words my feelings heave

Sometimes I just want to run away
From misery, sorrow and pain
Like I ended up in the highway
That keeps me hard in a chain

A nation which today can’t be honored
People with an expressionless face
My pride, they long ago conquered
A nightmare that I must now erase

Historical it was 50 years ago
The flag the people were waving
Hope I must not lose, it's all I know
A nation that is now slowly burning

If my mind is thinking, it’s enough
But the heart keeps telling, don’t give up
I personally have to be tough
Get my people to stand up

You can’t find no hiding place
Because the heart can beat the hate
Something we all should embrace
A light that can no longer wait

Zana Haji Hashi
Copyright 2010

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