Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hobbeyo Hobba

Hobbeyo Hobba
is the start of a sweet lullaby my mother used to sing to me
those numerous nights where i was a foe to my sleep
she would hold me in her thin arms, rocking me to the rhythm of the waves, to ease my discomfort
Hobbeyo Hobba
she would sing to me, while i was drinking fresh camel milk
with her soft motherly voice, soothing my innocent infant soul
Hobbeyo Hobba
reciting tales about my great grandfathers and how they were strong men
and loyal to their kinship
Hobbeyo Hobba
you could see the dreams and hopes in the eyes of my teenage mother
And they were followed by tears and regret
Hobbeyo Hobba
to the lonely night that she gave birth to me, in the middle of the outskirts of our town
Alone with her 2 hands and soaked in her salty tears
And by the grace of Allah, i was a healthy baby, Alhamdoulilah
Hobbeyo Hobba
for the night i laid beside the dead body of my young mother while hearing the sounds of bombs and bullets shooting
And the sight of her white veil drenched in her blood to which will haunt me forever
And that night, i sang to her, a lullaby
Hobbeyo Hobba Hooyo Macaaney ...

Mabsud Ali
Copyright © 2010

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