Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our beautiful children

Our beautiful children are crying
In Their hearts, wordlessly.
And in everything they try to teach them,
Is this a Simple Attempt of Manslaughter.
Our beautiful children are dying
Mentally, He is trying Raise a successful Daughter
The Pant line exposed and it pleases.
It makes me laugh as they say
Yore and yoyette is the mood
I bleed for them 'cause it
Has blinded them as they blend
Struggling with battered images
Badly in need in good repute
Their Characters deformed daily.
How can the blind lead
The blind except both fall?
Crashing on a daily bases
Tumbling and dashing hopes.
Crushed like butter in bread
Parental guidance placed
To question as these kids
Roam the streets and make

Bad company as the waste on
We can't afford folding our arms
As if nothing is wrong with these
Very young and talented kids

The keys to the future is held by the young
So we must prepare, Atrocious The want they’re future Hung
As They Equipped us, We must Concern our blunders
Our children are blessing, I call them World wonders.
The underage will rise from this “underworld”.
Bright kids, Bright future, and they want them Hurled?

I am son’in Every child in need As I try generate My breed
I am son’in every child even though they are not my seed. God-willing I will succeed,
In teaching That “Don’t kill, Please Read”
I am Son’in evry child so one day My people Don’t longer have to bleed.
I am son’in them Not for any such greed.
So we shall all proceed in not to mislead These Beautiful Children.
Please Help them as they will help you in You're Older days

World will end, But let them see Finer things.
Cause if not, Within there will be Diaspora flings.
Which we all tend to ignore, But Reality will hit you in the face
So my people, These are blessings we must Embrace.
Save our beautiful Children.

Mukhtar Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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