Saturday, July 3, 2010


Every sight and sound
That I see and hear
From corner to corner
Across airwaves and print outs of America

All I see is
Agents of sales
Capital flow
Hard hitters
Owners of news
Makers of trend
Fixed reality
Larger than life
Allurement for more
At the price of debt

All I hear is
Pitch sales
The calls of capitalism
Accumulation to purchase
For more products
One time only deals
Never to be seen again

Enough, is enough
I have ton of junks
Of no use
Yet again
I keep piling for some more
I want to go green
But whom I am to lie
I am no purist

Same ol’ tactics
None changed
After all this time
Since from little age
Everything is the same
Only turning for worse

Sadiiq Ashuhle
Copyright © 2010
This will be part of 'Individuality: Voices and Struggles ' chapter.

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