Friday, September 10, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #13 Halima "Racist mentality at the Masjid"

I walked in the Masjid

Greeted my sisters in Islam

And stood shoulder to shoulder with a sister from South Asia

As we prepared to pray Tareweeh

I heard her whisper to the sister on her left

No, no my mind negotiates

She didn’t say what I think she said…

Although racism bleeds many hearts

This was not the place for it

This was not the Month for it

And this was not the environment for it

How can you hate on someone for their skin color

When Allah Ta’aal has clearly made it known only those with piety were superior in His sight

And not those with lighter skin tone

I heard her whisper again this time only louder

My mind had not failed me

For her mother tongue, despite our difference, is my first language

Grew up in her culture

And understood the depth of it

My mind started racing

Should I confront and embarrass her?

Or should I let it slide by

The imam called for the salah

And my mind was still semi distracted

After the prayer she smiled at me and said Assalamu Aliakum sister

Confused I replied Walikum Wasalam

My mind battled my heart for it wanted to confront her

Yet my heart pled to spare her the embarrassment

I finally decided somethings are truly better left unsaid

As I existed the masjid

I saw her staring at me

Looking at me as though she has never seen a person of color

Minutes later I realized I was uttering words in Urdu

Her native language

And that shocked her

I understood what she said

And now she knew

And that killed her

Not the fact that she uttered those words

While standing for salah

In the House of Allah

To worship Allah

How weak is the human heart

That it sins even in such Blessed Month

May Allah Ta’aal grant us both forgiveness

For, despite all, she is my sister in Islam. Ameen

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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