Friday, September 10, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #7 Nimo H

I'm praying and praying this wondrous taraweeh.

I'm standing and bowing

and bowing and prostrating

I'm the loudest most sincere voice in the chorus of 'Ameen'.

I'm watching and not speaking

her niqaab is faded and I can see that ones hair.

This woman can't control her kids.

She's wearing makeup.

A phone goes off.

Astaqfurilah, she listens to music.

I saw her last week with tight jeans

Now she sits here with that wrapping.

Who is she fooling?

This sister is far too fond of house guests

I've seen them come and go.

Her son is always on the street corner with those boys

Her daughters fair not much better.

I do not associate with her

but only to hiss a 'salaam' as I pass

Never any eye contact.

I'm obviously above her.

and down again for another rakat.

Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

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