Wednesday, October 13, 2010

20 years of apathy

The neglect to our streets:

we see injustice and violence, but we hear maxa kaa galay,

ka soco and ha isku eegin.

Some days go on ,

But the hypocrisy remains,

people hold on to this imaginary image of waa caadi ,

yet its far from caadi , but nobody cares.

more days go on,

And the tribe sorting ( whoms ability we wit) remains

by the aid of ous.

...This time the blood in the streets burst , into homes.

Still nobody cares.

Now years go on ,

And we see might craving men.

One after another sitting on a chair,

the chair of lunity.

Once they sit,

they forget the duty of theirs,

and the asset of their nation.

Yet still nobody cares.

Several more years go on,

and nothing isn't changed.

There is: Hypocrisy, neglect, mightcraving leaders etc.

But yet we see a glimpse of hope, called the new generation of hope.

This troop is armed whit, faith solidity and unity,

but most off all they are gifted with knowledge,

knowledge of peace!

After last two decades of civil war,

I say its time to wipe the tears of our dears,

to stop the bloody aggressions of our kinds,

and to become ratified as one Again!

Sign yourself , for the troop of PEACE!

Nacima Yuusuf.

Copyright © 2010

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