Friday, October 8, 2010

{Group poem 13 part 10} "Identity"

My identity My world has ventured far from simplicity Conflict and an unjust situation has altered my identity

So much so that I barely know my essence my origin And before a journey can end it has to firstly begin

Explanation of my identity is a difficult process People ask me of a land I don’t know why obsess

To walk on the soil, I have never I must confess But I am the soil and the soil is I, of the truth no less

When I look in the mirror my reflection I see A manifestation of peace is wished within me

My being like a doctors prescription it all written For this blessing I am thankful in submission

As I am a Muslim, and I intend to be the voice of reason My goal to inspire a solution for the hardest equation

To over come the tainted history, let’s leave it mystery Lets quarry into out belief and culture retrieve our true identity

One people of intelligence and true undiluted dignity The youth and the old directed to their hidden humanity

Without my community I have no face or recognition After all the blood that flows within me is my distinction

Hamza Egal

Copyright © 2010

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