Friday, October 8, 2010

{Group poem 13 part 5} "Identity / Complexity's Breath"

Its People of Confidence Who Usually start those Circles of Influence Extra small circles

But Word still passes around Lifes so many questions got em so confused,

Yet he Civilized Somebody better tell em 'be graceful to be alive' Old man once told me,"We're sons to warriors"

See back then it didnt mean Much, Had our backs glued to corridors Lost in crossroads so familiar,

Thats why nowadays its hard to defy Familia Young ones overthink,

They cant understand Minds set like encrypted links

And So I wish I cud paint their hearts light blue and Let em know who's who,

But still,They don't like it when Hoyo tells em what to do Little attention to

Those I belong to Congrats to those whom Ive accepted

But I haven't Yet been Exempted From that Awkward sense of self Hungry for some

Facts Capable of Distinguished Acts Powerful Silence Soon leads to Mental Violence

But with an Extraordinary State of mind That states the line,

Between Identity and insanity Is Exactly What makes me stronger

And So Thats why I cant suffer from Identity crisis No longer.

Now I see diversity and segregation

Coming together to rebuke all expectation

I see heaviness I can almost taste it

I hope The differences combine like an N.W.O. type of nation

These are the hues that I’m facin.

Deep mysterious shades take me to a place

Smoke signals erupting all in my face

So detached, I feel misplaced

For a culture resides at these colors’ base

Remedies I would oh so love to taste

I Always stood Stiff and Tall to those who ever Hoped I'd fall.

Mukhtar Mohamed

Copyright 2010

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