Friday, October 8, 2010

{Group poem 13 part 7} "Identity/ One call to Identity"

They gathered - thinking that they were ready to answer a question,
A confession that can oppose a minimum-depression,
Give an answer to “Who are they?” – end the day.
The question gave instead birth another question.
“Do they define them self with their father?”
Confusion and regression bother.
Here it is - a new question but no answer.
Questions showed off like a belly dancer.
“Do they define themselves with the adopted countries culture?”
Back to confusion – more gathered like a vulture.
Still no answer.
They tried - willing to find a guide. Allied – not wanting to collide.
Finally, they found. Not answers to their question but a fact that could set them on the ground.
One spoke with his mind - gave an answer, a fact. He became crowned.
He continued his psychological talk.
Now were they ready to walk.
“Identity-issue” – it was called.
The questions answers were now installed.
Further explanation? - No need. They all agreed.

Abdikafi N Mohamed
Copyright ©2010

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