Saturday, October 16, 2010

Group poem 14 - Islam (acrostic) poem

I - I urge you to

S - Submit to your Lord

L - Love his way with

A - Affection, Sincerity, compliance so that

M - Mercy be showered on you!


I - in my heart

S - safeguarded is my faith

L - living by it is my only

A - aim in life

M - May Allah Ta’aal make my last words la ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasool Allah...


I - Identity, so true

S - Soldier of Allah

L - Lessons by the faithful

A - Always in my heart

M - Magical journey for the soul


I - Impeccable

S - Silence- One should say something good or say nothing at all

L - Land of paradise is what I am Aiming for, even though doubts linger my mind- have I truly done enough? No, not just yet!!!

A - Ambitions- A new day, another chance... to strive for better

M -My mind is always searching for a conversation with my Lord. Forgiveness and a symbolic light at the end of a dark and dreary tunnel is what I ask for.


I – Intolerance and disrespect can’t be excused, ban on niqabs and hijabs is just another excuse.

S – Scrutinized and frowned upon…On the train to work they just can’t help but to screw

L – Liberty and democracy, where the majority dictates and the minority decays…I guess there is no better then

A – Adversity, every hardship has its own seed to overcome its own disease

M – Moments like these, sabr is in need, let them judge us, disprove and dislike us…Like they say every dog has its day, they shall have their day when they will be raised up as deaf, dumb and blind…Then they shall say Oh Allah send us back so we can PRAY…Then it is too late!


I – Imperfect human being

S – Still able to follow the perfect religion

L – Light as a feather but deep as an ocean

A – All complications must come from me

M – Moderation is the building blocks of ibadah

-Floating Pearls

I – In a world full of deception, where shaitan whispers evil inceptions, Islam perfect religion and the way of life, guides mankind.

S – Simple deen, one Ummah stronger than wolverine, where Hajibi is a queen, having an Islamic state of mind to avoid existence without meaning.

L – La illaha Illa Allah, proudly waving the black banner and Allah the supreme and majestic is the best planner, behold ponder over your manner lest hell becomes your manor.

A – Assalamu ‘Aleykum is our humble greeting, a dua in itself, salah nourshing souls and thyself, Alhamdulilah for the religion of peace and may our iman increase.

M – Muhammed (peace be upon him) is our beloved prophet, Islam is the deen-ul-haqq and being a muslim is a blessing bestowed upon us by Allah Subhan wa ta’aal


Sam Said, Halima Ali Ahmed, Zana Hashi, Rahma - The thinker, Muna ATM Mohammed, Floating Pearls, and Ilhan Islam

Copyright © 2010


  1. Great ;D But please use some more simpler words as I need to teach a class of 11 year olds and they don't understand the meaning of these words. I think your absolutely fabulous, inshallah you carry on writing such wonderful acrostic poems. Khudafiz and may Allah bless you ;)

    1. Salam, Can you email me at I would like to find out more about the class you are teaching. Allah Hafiz!

  2. Hey there, well done these are great poems. :)

    1. No Problem, what is ur name? I'm Kirsty. I know i'm not a somali but i converted as my husband was muslim. I was originally christian but i was never the church going type. I have always believed in god and now allah. People don't like me because of this. I enjoy ur website and will continue using it.

    2. I'm Halima. Sometimes some people just find odd reasons not to like others. Don't worry about them :)

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  3. Assalamulaikum Ilhan Bhai Saab. Aaap kesi hoo? Ye poem bahort pyari hoo aur may allah bless aap aur apke family. :)

  4. Salams Muna...Wonderful and heart touching poems.. <3

  5. ye poems bahort acha hai naa? meri bari beti homework he use karna hai aur bahort useful hai, meri naam yasmine hai reply please, by the way i also talk english lol just in case you thought i didn't ;) i am just getting used to urdu/punjabi so please excuse me if i made any mistakes. i love you all and kisses and wishes to this whole world _kiss_ bye xxx

    1. Salam Yasmine, thank you for your kind words. Ap kaha rahte ho? Good luck to your daughter's project.

    2. Salam, no problem, me london rahte ho, ap?. Thanks xxx

    3. No I am Muslim from Pakistan

  6. Salam, I will try to email you and thank you very much. Allah Hafiz!!!

  7. Inshallah, I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. May I ask one question? Is 'Nation of Poets a group of people'?

    1. Yes. This is a page that is directed to Somali poets. There are some poems posted on the page by non-Somalis as well. We are on Facebook and Twitter.

      Are you a poet?

  9. Oh sorry i just read your blog as saw it's just you :P Sorry

  10. Well I must say coming up with all this is one hell of a thing to do alone. Congratulations!

  11. Oh it is a group many apologies

    1. Yes. There are over 150 poets who share their work with the page. I compile, edit and manage the website and the Social media sites. May I ask how did you find out about this page?

  12. No I'm not a professional poet but i really love reading and writing poems and teaching others :) i would love to become one.

  13. wow thats amazing...a friend suggested it and i will tell all my friends to use it

  14. Salaams sisters/brothers. Well done for this website. :) I am Mumina and I am Originally from Pakistan. I now live in Luton (England). My dad was Somalian before he died. My mum is currently in an ill state but still alive. I am trying to be strong and continue with life. So i write poems for a living , this website helps me so thank you dearly.

  15. Walikum Wasalam Mumina! This is Halima :) Thank you for reaching out. May Allah grant your father jannah. Inshallah, may Allah Ta'aal bless your mother with good health and may she feel better soon. Hang in there and seek comfort and patience in the knowledge that Allah is always there for us. Stay strong and feel free to email/comment whenever you need someone to talk to inshallah.