Friday, October 8, 2010

Rules of the game

Quite and live silent, you are a pawn chess piece, your life is a defective lease, Symbolised by a dot on a government computer screen, like sheep you adhere to the Sheppard’s stick.

Long I have been enchanted by words of democracy, believed in it so I found my self preaching, every chance I had of this system I was speaking, then like unpleasant surprise I watched it unravel.

Impossible but the evidence was as real as the gravel, beneath my feet, I look out on to the street, was the Matrix just a movie, seems like the world is plugged into to the system, and I wonder why they don’t listen.

Election year I at the top of my lungs shouted OBAMA, a pledge for certain change, blinded by the thoughts of having a dark skinned leader, but all things are not as they appear, other then the colour I see no difference then the previous offender.

The atrocities continue, drones in the air, wiretaps on the phone, personally I am worried about the western agenda for Somalia, a dirty playground that’s how they consider my Africa.

Exploitation never seems to end, we bleed from your smuggled ammunition, we sweat from the slavery of your corporations, and our senseless governments are to busy embezzling, what’s left in the coffers go to pay your interest rates.

No wonder they call it interest, it only caters to your own Affairs, while sinking us further under, and I am not talking about third world tragic wonder, I am talking about my fellow so called civilized society.

We walk the earth knowing our taxes are used for indiscriminate killings, but it doesn’t even effect our sleep, only time we stir is when there is talk of an increase, the blood suckers still thirst, before anything else I assure they dig into your pockets first.

Mobsters rule the world, and silence and obedience is the rule of the game, to hell with the law, cross the line and Guantanamo awaits, reality is nutrition and fact is written on the wall, the mightiest never comprehend the reasons for their fall.

Who said education was wisdom when it only comes from one source, not being able to develop your own intuition, makes you the hindrance to a solution, so they rejoice at seeing you in your rightful position, no one person is prescribed a fate by another unless you offer submission.

If surrender is not of your make up and nature, if you are about the good for all of mankind and not just a pretender, if just for peace in tomorrow you wonder, or tired of being an abused follower, I ask you to walk by me so we can stride on this journey together.

Hamza egal © copyright 2010

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