Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So close, but yet so far away

You are so unique; do you even know how much you have done for me? Words can’t even explain it in every manner. You encouraged me, told me nothing was impossible until it’s done. Strong words from Nelson Mandela you used to say.

I cried, I laughed, but at least I did all those things with you. You never value your friends when they are there, but as soonest you lose them. BOM! Your life seems worthless. Tears are dripping down, not from the sky, but from your eyes. And then, one day, you don’t get the chance to say goodbye. Its too late, they are gone.

She is not picking up her phone anymore. Your text would not send. You have tried too many times now. You want to give up, then suddenly you her voice, “don’t you ever try to give up, never!”

You write another text, saying please come back. I need you here. Where are you?

You wait few minutes, still no feedback. You close your eyes. She is smiling, laughing, and hugging you. Switch. Her face has darkened. You can’t get the image out of your head. You see yourself at the grave place, caring a tulip an, a yellow one, her favorite color. You put it down and pray for her. Hoping God would send her to a better place.

You look back at your phone. The tears are covered by the phone. You stare, and stare. No reply. It’s never going to shine again; the rain won’t bring to an end. The only thing you miss is the sunshine.

Your sunshine.

The one she used to be.

Rip,My dear.

Laila Siad

Copyright 2010

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