Friday, October 29, 2010



The sun rises the sun sets.

Time passes us by, while we neglect.

We miss out on opportunities, so we regret.

Time, my mind can’t comprehend, so I keep questioning.

If there was no Day or Night then where would time begin?

Would I ever have known to repent?

Would I have known If I was near the end ?

The more I think about time the more I seem to understand,

that time is in gods hand.

Given to us to keep track and double check in life where stand,

cause it’s the devils whispers we need to withstand.

It’s his entertainments that lead us to disobey God’s commands.

Time emphasise on the fact that with life you can’t compromise.

Cause one they we all shall die, which is one of the things of our future we can’t deny.

Until the day we are called to rise, to be held to account to what we do in this life.

And accordingly to our actions we will pay the price.

Don’t procrastinate till it’s too late for you to realise.

The blessings of God that; has been showered upon you even before your existence.


Taha Sharif

Copyright © 2010

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