Friday, October 29, 2010


The first lady I ever knew was my dearest mother, I knew her before I was even born, before i even personally meet her, she nurtured me with her life force as within her I took shape and form, and when it was my time for this earth to roam, she delivered me into a warm and loving home.

She was the first one to teach me right from wrong, and when I was crying from illness she held me no matter how long, I still remember her sweet voice as she set me to sleep with a centuries old tender song, if there is a person I could give anything, it would be my mother with every fibre of muscle with every bone.

The strength of a woman has no measure, such vigour is no coincidence, the weight you carry I would collapse under in an instance, created with so much love, with so much substance, woman I cant express words to portray the heavenly make up of your essence.

I planted seeds in a beautiful garden, stood back and watched it blossom, within a woman I was reborn over and over again, one, two and three, little copies of me, my sun, moon and stars to illuminate my heart, for these gifts I will be ever grateful to the end just like I was from the start.

In a woman I found a worthy companion, within her I found a winner, a champion, in her presence time is at a suspension, if I were a ship out on the wide ocean, she would be my guiding lighthouse, carefully aiding me through life’s roughs course.

Woman to imagine a day without you on this planet, would be like being up on top of the highest mountain stranded, I know sometimes you feel unappreciated, and I know we leave you feeling utterly frustrated.

No matter what we do, because of your nature we could never change you, you’re the sun drenched smile that breaks out from the darkest cloud, your love is what really makes us stand tall and proud, like a solid centre covered in the softest velvet, every move you make is heartfelt.

Of you I can stay rooted here and write on and on, to the point my fingers give in and the ink in my pen is dry and gone, I could talk into the depth of the night, coming no closer to doing you right, but i could careless, for you forever would never be to long.

And when you question our admiration, remember you are the queen of every earthly nation, beautiful and true whether you are young and when time has turned your hair grey, close to me I want you to stay, heaven’s blessing travels down in the form of light and you are that glittering ray.

You are the embodiment of everything pure.

Hamza Egal © copyright 2010 all rights reserved.

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