Friday, October 8, 2010

Zana introducing Pen 'N' Paper [I Like]

I like you…

- I like to say that in my mind there’s no number two

If I said marry me… -

I like to think that I want to be free

Let’s start a family…

- I like to reach for the sky, are we capable?


- I like to say is it magical, reachable?

What would you say?

- I like to walk my way, but meet you halfway at the gable

Girl, Everything you heard about me before…

- I like to separate fact from fable

An obstacle I cause, tell me how I can be…

- I like to see you as my light, without you this dark forest is scarcely penetrable

For You?

-I like to show, as your light, the way of knowable

Better is not too good to be true

- I like to say let us close this until it gets heat able

I like your light because it’s leading, warm and reasonable

- Boy, you make me wonder if you are the real deal

I like to say the same from light, to warmth now to heat is not favourable

-The way you are throwing words makes me feel like a queen, so real

I like to say those words were words their source though, the heart always reliable

- Giving you my ring finger is like giving you my heart, so you better be true

I like to say I was a half-hearted man, but found my other half in the beautiful you

- Indescribable beauty of your words, baring my soul for you...

Zana Haji Hashi in collaboration with Pen 'N' Paper Copyright © 2010

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