Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fighting the unseen

Can my dreams come to life?
And all my hopes survive?

Sometimes the doubts creep in low
With persuasion, their seeds they sew

I fear to tread the life-long path
Make mistakes, lose any dignity I hath

I’m looking up and it is so steep
And wishing  life was one long sleep

How can I start?
Can I go on?
Can I last?

Sometimes the doubts march in fast
And force my thoughts to visit the  past

All the years I have tasted
All the opportunities I have wasted

There’s so much for me to do
If I work day and night
It will only amount to something slight

I know that time is so tight
So can you see my blight?

O’ brokenhearted don’t you know
Potential has no borders
Not arrested by time
Or captured by soldiers

If doubt was a prophet, I would never follow him
If he stood for presidency, I would not elect him
But if he was your father, would you disobey him?

And if fear could be seen, I would surely  kill it
If you gave me this  promise would you fulfill it?

If regret was a newborn child
I would feed it no milk, I would leave it trialled
But with your words, would I stand reviled?

If laziness was a violent man
On his freedom, I would enforce a ban
But will you arrest him and stop his plan?

The future is made today
Not next year or last May

Let us hold a funeral
and say our prayers on Mr Delay
One of the men of satan's way

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
With a big smile we say

The unseen enemies are now defeated
None of the wounds can go untreated

I know the  work is hard
But be assured there is a peak
Stand up and don’t be so meek

Know, after hardship comes ease
It heals pains and all worries cease

Imagine such a feeling
When you look up and there is no ceiling

Imagine that you were a machine
With a click of a button your past wiped clean

What dreams would you create?
What hopes would you ignite?

With all the tools inside of you
Soon you’ll know, they’re not a few

Now healed you stand
The future in your hand

Start it today
Little by little, your efforts will pay

So remember O' enlightened soul
Take no rest, until you reach your goal


Author's notes: Between many and their dreams are a host of unseen enemies, determined to stop them reaching their goals and maximizing their potential. These unseen enemies have been identified as: self doubt, fear of failure that leads to inactivity, procrastination, laziness, regret, and their allies. The future is like a blank page so don't let the unseen enemies write your story.

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