Thursday, November 25, 2010

Group Poem 15 - tribute to Mumia Abu Jamal "Framed"

A man, an activist, a father
An inspiration, a fighter, a truth seeker
Mumia is many things, but not a murderer
Where’s the justice so many speak about?
The justice that includes all, where no ones left out
His case is known across the land
Nonetheless real defence is banned
Till this day appeals have been denied
Is it because justice ain’t really blind?
It was that fateful day December 9th, 1981
That led the unfair fingers of a jury, point to one
They were filled with hate and willing to frame
An individual who was not to blame
Since then many have backed his cause
Waiting for his release, imagine the applause
When will you see the U.S. judicial system?
That Abu Jamal is the real victim
Not one to give up and sink in his sorrow
He’s been active and preparing for his tomorrow
Behind bars, behind walls, behind an ocean of hate
A shocking case that is the cause of much debate
Brother Turn to Allah and trust in Him
Amidst all this madness, His light will not dim
These events in your life were written long ago
Seek refuge in Allah from mans worst foe
Remember none can harm you when your protector is Allah
You’re part of the bigger picture, the Muslim Ummah
Remember my brother across the waters
You are not alone and you have many supporters

Nimo Yusuf
Copyright © 2010

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