Friday, December 10, 2010


Allow me to take you to a journey back in time
When hiphop was pure and at its prime
Now its degraded and almost dead
Lyrical content dont matter no more
As long as you can bob ya head to a funky beat.
Our women degraded portrayed like a peace of meat

Im feeling like J Cole, losing my balance
Nowadays its all about money never is about talent
Jayz is a puppet he aint runnin this town
Plus Lupe said he would never dumb it down

That's why these devils put his album on hold
Like a convict on parole
And who ever said being new is better than being old.
They couldn't have ment hiphop, truth be told
Pac promised me better dayz , but am still waiting 4 it to unfold

Gangstar asked ,maybe your soul you'd sell 2 have mass apeal
Akon was cool when he mentioned the Ghetto
Got a little money now  he makin songs with David Guetta

See it's like simple Mathematics
Mos Def got me feeling all extatic
Nas used 2 kick it when he was so ILLmatic
But look at the outcome it's so tragic
We got Lil wayne waisting oxygen on a lollipop
50 cent tryna take us 2 the candy shop!?
What ever happend to The Furious 5 screaming let the knowledge drop
Na, somebody gotta make the madness stop
Dead Prez trying 2 put HipHop back on track
Im cool like dat as long as they bring Digable Planets back

So you can thank me later like i was Drake
Real rappers dont blend in with the fake
While y'all sleeping 2 Tpain , Talib Kweli keeping me wide awake
KRS One got me listening 2 the sound of tha police
Knaan asking, when will the violence seize
Remember when Lauryn Hill was a part of the fugees?
She always used 2 kill me softly
Now imma bout 2 go crazy like Gnarls Barkely
We need more concious niggaz like Bob Marley

And Immortal Tecchnique is still dancing with the devil
But still none of these ''rappers'' come close to his level
It's like we only hear nonsense on the radio 2day
You ever heard Jedi Mind Tricks getting radio play?
Man , Common told me he used 2 love H.E.R.
I told him ive moved and found another....

Ismail Mopreme
Copyright © 2010

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