Friday, December 10, 2010

The war between the girl and the “war”

War doesn't ask when it should begin girl wasn't asked if she was ready for it they both didn't know each other,
but the girl hated him (war)

their story began 1991 one morning when the girl was eating her breakfast in the kitchen with her aunt and her younger sister. Mom was on the phone and worrying about us, but we had to leave and didn't laugh as much as we use to.

Because it was the morning the war began

The girl's diary was her doll,
a doll she always talked to it.
now the girl is talking to the doll

why didn't he ask if i was ready for his arrival
i would have said no, only if  he asked
ask if i wanted to leave my house that morning i would say no, if I had the choice
ask me if I wanted to enjoy my breakfast before you rudely interrupted
i would say yes, but you ruined it
ask me if i loved running to the bus butt naked with shoes in my hand i would say no,
because it was hot my body and feet were in pain because of you.
So no, I didn't love you making me run like that ask me was i shocked when i heard we didn't have nowhere to go,
but run for our lives, yes i was and i hated you for that so much ask me did i enjoy drinking dirty mud water from the river of Johar,
and struggling to do number two(bathroom) because there i didn't eat nutrition food in my stomach,
no i cursed you on and on till i putted myself to sleep by crying ask me was i happy seeing people dying and killing each other for stupid reason, and if i was gonna die myself kept me wondering day and day.
no, it wasn't good, and i give up life because you were no defend able danger for a little kid at that time...

Fatima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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