Saturday, January 1, 2011


What will happen if you imagine this?

Imagine sitting outside the house playing in the sand
While mum is sitting outside and watching you with smile

Imagine your mum sending you to school
With out worrying about gun fight

Imagine waking up Friday morning with a bright smile
Coz there is no madrasa and head to the beach

Imagine living life in a place where you belong to
Imagine if you never left your birth place

Imagine the street with names
Imagine if the fathers spend more time with their sons

Imagine our flag flying high
Imagine going home late with out police harassing you

Imagine our elders going to the hospital with out worrying about language errors
Imagine peace and unity

Imagine love and care
Imagine a united nation

Imagine these youth in school uniforms
Imagine books and pens in their hands instead of guns and armors

Imagine big schools with beautiful gardens and play ground
Imagine signs across the road

Imagine flying from this to that city
Imagine driving down the high and stopping at robots

Imagine going to the neighbor just to hear a story (sheeko sheeko)
Imagine running to madrasa with a bottle of ink in your hand

Imagine big shops shopping malls, soccer teams, hospitals and university in your city
Imagine kids in line at school and singing the national anthem

Imagine unity in Somali
Imagine peace in the neighborhood

Imagine what we could have achieved in the past 20 years
Imagine if we were not refugees

Imagine if those lives were not lost
And imagine if the hungry Yemen Sea didn’t swallow our kids

Imagine if these enemies didn’t tear us apart
Imagine if we never knew tribalism

Imagine peace in Somalia
Imagine if these groups were the right leaders

Imagine if those graduated kids were a life
Imagine them saving lives and teaching at schools

Imagine living life in a peaceful Somalia


Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2010

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