Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All I wanted was to love you

I came through the darkness of life where the reality in mind seemed unfair
to then adjust in a new position finishing on this never ending mission
longing to go home through the darkness is blind to find my desitny
and yet so harsh it is paining me.
emotions running deep down my heart, searching a way to escape from my self
and the stings are torn apart from me and climing the rope seems to hard for me
sreaching the one thing, and what is the one thing that i really need
where my heart feels as though there are holes, that need to be filed with happiness
rather then saddness and is it love that I should find to fill it out
and she knows where to find me up in the mountings and my tears are the rain that fall.
dropping until she can hear me call
and I am still a man a mans man but I guess its a love that is crushing me
and the true meaning to life is to hard to understand
to make a mend to something that is hard to fix
she is the one I've been taking this long journey for
she is the one I've been longing for
and to which this mission is to hard to finish
she is the never ending story, I'll be waiting for.

Ahmed Ibn Mohamed and Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2011

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