Thursday, February 17, 2011

Group poem 18 (Free Verse):Pleasures of Dunya

A single snow flake on a warm palm
How long will it take for it to dry??
How long does it take to blink an eye??

Most people like chocolate.
Does it take more than few seconds?
To rip up the wrap of kit kat??
Tell me how long it takes for someone to consume it.
The sweet taste of it, it takes about half of a minute to lose it.

Who in this world would get fully satisfied?
After eating a grain of rice??
If your beloved wify baked a pie
And gave you just one slice
Akhii, your xabiibtii wouldnt be suprised
if you went back to the kitchen and ate five.

I eat too much & I become obese
Lots of sweets & here comes insulin and diabetes.
Lots of money which ain't halaal and here comes depression
Not to forget paranoia, talking about people running after your riches so u need protection.

The never ending whispers of Ibliis
Saying you’re young, you should be wild so feel free.
Hit the club & the parties by all means get drunk and poison up your body.

May the curse of Allah be upon him!
He tells my sisters of Islaam
Throw your hijaab and the boredom that comes with halaal.
Hook up with a guy who’s a stranger because you're not really alive if you are not living in a danger.
We all know the famous quote of the human kinds enemy "the fruit of haraam is the most tasteful"

Setting up delusions & confusions
Think of Allah & he begins his intrusions.
His goal is to drown ur heart with filth & pollution.

A drop of water in the kalahari desert will take a fraction of a second for it to dry and thats time and that’s how long this dunya will last.

So the little time we have if we dedicate our lives
To satisfy the needs of the soul with pleasures that don’t last long.
The pleasures that are never satisfactory – they are just temporary.
They're useless temptations & make us loose our concentration
On the real purpose of life hence we get far and far away from Allahs salvation.

Allow me to ask, do u know the most effective weapon shaytaan has??
It’s the little pleasure of dunya.

He manipulates & seduces your soul with them.
So whenever he tries to strike with his filthy lies.
Say "I seek refuge in the allmighty"
That’s when he'll flee & start hiding
Go ahead and do ur wuthuu
Get down in a humble way and do your sujuud
& say Yaa Allah Protect the women and the men
Protect the young & the old
Protect the whole muslim ummah from falling 7 loving the pleasures of dunya.

Wardhi Axmad
Copyright © 2011

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