Thursday, February 17, 2011

A letter to my nation.

I write to you full of grief and in a state of disbelief, I feel vandalized and deprived of land, health and wealth, my eyes wonder over land and sea, as if I search for a thief, one who has absconded with my sovereignty, my pride and dignity.

All around me I see growth and prosperity, competition in knowledge and technology, people building upon their own lands, working towards goals with held hands, thinking of home and my tummy starts to churn, pain from the fires of hate and disunity that continue to burn.

The truth we may not fully realise, but the disease has settled, signified in the already living and the newborn’s eyes, vacant minds symptoms of decades embattled, hopeless our children from the cradle to the grave, tribalism as master so they live and die a slave.

They say good things come to those who wait, but I have come to learn that you miss the chance if you leave it to late, its time we as a nation grasped the reigns of our fate, we must start within our families, our men, our women, our children and our elders who are anguish ridden.

Strength comes from a solid foundation, we are the building blocks of our nation, its time we take pleasure in our peoples diversity, see it as our true treasure and let go of old held animosity, let us focus on education not only for our sons but for every soul beneath the African sun.

Wisdom has no set gender, if we are to succeed then we must value our women for more then just animals that aid us to breed, an intelligent mother will pass her knowledge on to her offspring, mighty rivers have been known to form from just the smallest of water spring.

As a man my responsibility to my family is god given, for their security, shelter and sustenance I am driven, not for us to abuse the esteemed position but to confide in our women and to always adhere to reason. No king or leader ever made a decision without his closest confidant and adviser.

That is her station, never a slave or a master; she is the warmest partner, mother and sister, no longer is she to be abused and bathed in dishonour, for a better day we need every single soul to be elevated and removed from the dark ways that has us enslaved.

My brothers its time we stand up for the count, time to utilize all that strength and bravery we love to flaunt, pillars of truth and role models for our people and our seeds, the motherland for our attention cries and bleeds.

The core of our illness is our lack of knowledge, how can we to tribal misguidance over everything pledge, our pride in evil has us sliding down the scales of humanity on slippery sledge, we must cast aside such worthlessness and focus only on that which rears progress.

Leadership should and only be centered on intelligence, ethics, selflessness and nothing else, true power is found in the people, our times have shown how demanding yet simple, one and all must be accommodated in the essence of our constitution.

The eradication of poverty is a task hard to tackle, yet if the people know that they can feed themselves from their daily hustle, then we will take away half of the cause of this dire struggle, nevertheless I am of the opinion that education is the ultimate way to win this decades old battle.

Empower one’s mentality and you give him the skill of innovation and the key of providence, his family and direct community will gain much needed subsistence, no process yields good fortune in an instance, that which is worthwhile requires attention and persistence. 

I don’t profess to hold the solution, but I swear I utter prayers for my land every time I find myself in prostration, tired and angered by this on going condition, no more wasting time, the moment beckons our people to rise and shine, this is the goal I move towards, the prize I consider yours and mine, past the ruins and the hard times, my brother and my sister, hand in hand we ought cross that starting line.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2011

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