Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poetry you are my journal

Poetry you are my journal
Or the words of wisdom I try to share
My feelings you describe and the story you bring out to life
Oh poetry you’re like my friend,
and somehow like my therapist.
And the emotions I bring out within
I feel the relief underneath my heart and then I’m healed again
But poetry if anyone knew or had any idea,
with the pen and paper in reality I’ve truly disappeared
And with the story or rhymes I appear
It’s my story I’m the controller of the poetry my dear.

Sometimes I get scared that one day I’ll run out of words
And how will I be connected with you or my dreams and fantasies once again
Poetry you’ve known my words when I turned to the dark side
Or when I realised this world was too precious to want to die
Knowing what I wanted and knowing now I’m begging to not leave just yet.
There are too many words I think whilst I sit, 
to many wishes or to many ideas and dreams to fulfil.
With you poetry I never be fronting
You know I’m really sensitive, and I’m not the toughest chick I make out to be.
You know I’ve been saving myself for a man who is truly real.

My inner thoughts my inner feelings my secrets you either relieve or keep them glued and sealed of the ink.
And the tears that fall on the paper and every time I blink.
You know when I’ve turned weak
The history of my life I’ve written
All the things I’ve done wrong
Poetry you know my first love, my first time when my heart was broken.
You known the first time I was serious with life and Islam
You known when the first I’ve been slipping
Or when I was betrayed when I hated everything about me
You know my enemy who I can’t get out of my head put me in the state and mentally drained me   

So it was the first I turned to Allah and cried, 
which Allah showed me to my prayers and guided me to the Quran
I’ve never read such beautiful words these words they attached to my heart and mind,
wishing I could get through to people with such wisdom of the past and future,
promises to our hearts and a warning to our minds.
So when I write to you poetry I’m leaving you my dark soul, my tears everything with you, 
and I'll throw you to the wind. Because where ever it has been flown away I know Allah has read it.

P.S Allah thank you for giving me such a gift.

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2011

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