Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still hoping thru the Dark

I still hope to go back home
Grown up as kid who never spent much with his dad
Mum and dad divorced in a conflict
So we they evicted

Leaving me and my lovely sister behind with my grandma
Life was hard I was just a kid who couldn’t pick up an object
Stressed so hard felt like a convict

Moved to Kenya a land that seemed strange
Girls in jeans and jackets
I was like damn “what a shame?

Wow nice place, the streets got names
There are stations and police
With beautiful buses

Time has passed and now I’m in S.A (South Africa)
Travelling around like a train
It is a damn shame, a youngster who got a country

But can’t go back, because the neighbourHood is in flames
Bombs keep on falling like heavy rains
Machine guns melting the roof like volcano

Where all over the world
Speaking Americano,mexicano
Italian but where is Somalia?

We got passports, flying all over the seas
But still got cousins and families left behind
we still need police to stop these kids and their guns

This is misery, leaving behind sad history
This agony is killing me, I’m feeling anxious
This tribalism is leaving us aimless

Homeless, bloodless
Bringing blindness
Madness and leaving us in blackness

I still hope to go back, waiting for the perfect time
Trying to do things right, and avoid the Satan
Waiting for the day that we rise, and shine like the Sun

So I’m hoping and coping
Battling and asking why are we banging?
Aiming and hustling for this billing

I pray and hope, that Somalia will grow
The grass will be green, hospitals with nurses
Houses with numbers, schools with uniforms

That is my sweet dream, keeping my hands off the green
Reading the good side of our history, that makes me feel like supreme
Yeah that is my dream to be in kismayo and live like a king

Keeping a smile, knowing that I’m sad
Still speak Somali, and aim high for my land

Somalia will never fade, that is my pride
Showing warm smile when I see my shiny flag
So I'm Still Hoping even when the sky gets dark

“Nothing can change our true destiny
Let’s go back home and build a great history
We need unity it’s like harmony
It will help us to get out of this misery"

Always Keep a Smile Coz It Is a Sign Of Good Hope

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2011

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