Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The execution of Qabiil

Tie the noose around his neck and choke this disease,
Stone him, skin him, and cut his heart out!

Tie a noose around his neck and let the atrocities cease!
Let not his soul rest, after death
Let him be stoned again beneath the dust
Smothered by the ghost of mother earth

The smoking sand rendered red
Deep soaked in the blood of her children
The infants you orphaned and then slaughtered
Whose tears perhaps could have diluted the pools of blood
If you’d have let him wail!

But silence you ordered as you sliced that child!
Tie a noose around his neck until he cries out!
Oh Somalia!

But oh Somalia, lay trapped between the here and after.
Torn between her children, she tears at her flesh
Gracelessly offering pieces of her to all those above her
Who carry her skin
And all those beneath her who carried his name

That foul name which I denounce today!
The name she begged as he raped and demoralised
The name she cried as she lay brutalised
The name I’ll carve across his chest with the blunt knife

Your blunt knife! That remains embedded in her hollow heart!
That dried clot, ash covered deep within her empty carcass
Now only has a feeble cry for company!
The gathered entities of those dead in his name
Is the only ghost who now occupies old Somalia.

But Old Somalia still has the virtues and grace of a true woman
Turning even more crimson to know that her only occupiers are mere prisoners
Stillborn’s forced back into her womb
Trapped by her exhaustion!
Even in death her children pray to escape her!

Like the live one painting her pain in this piece!
Shaming her mother!
So lost in foreign fosters, forgetting the traditions of
Concealing familial disgrace!

This lost daughter who once saw her flesh as an eminent death sentence!
Now cries for recollection from the womb she’s never met!
Building mental homes on the land that’s half dead!
Calling for justice for the siblings now dead!
But justice will come, for all things have an end.
And your end will see you swinging lifeless
Your foul name carved as sin on your forehead

Tie a noose around his neck and choke this disease
Prepare to pay for the children you have stolen!

Tie a noose around his neck and let the atrocities cease!
Let him be smothered by the ghost of mother earth.

And her foreign child will harmonise at his funeral
That only in death will Somalia be forgotten!
Only in death will Somalia be forgotten!
Only in death!

Now lay in unrest massacring ‘Qabiil!’

Copyright © 2011

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