Wednesday, March 23, 2011

With sin, we win.

You made sin seem so right, 
you made sin feel so good, I felt so pretty with you,
but how did our hearts become so ugly. 
With sin we win, 

because without sin I don’t have your love,
and with sin we can lie to have the most fun, 
so let’s do it together and let our thoughts run, 
don’t let it be over don’t tell me it’s done, 
some one  knows about our rendezvous, 
roughly more than three, 
but it’s you that I want, without you I aint free,
and with passion I can feel the baring heat, 
and at night my conscience speaks so I can’t sleep, 
everything is written and even if I try and erase my feelings, 
instead my tongue goes out and betrays me, I can’t believe I fell for it, I fell for you,
it’s like you made a bet to fool my heart,

nicely done my love, you let the devil whisper don’t tell the shaytan has become your mentor,
but I swore you considered Allah as your best friend, 
what we had was it all lies, must I now cry,
because my feelings were the only thing that was the truth between you and I, 
O the lies, O the lies, pat yourself on the back mashAllah,
with sin you won and with my sin I’ve sadly lost and the cost of it, 
you have stolen my smile and my heart did you sell it to the devil? 
Right now I can’t speak a word, he is laughing at me and you,
and we lost in the eyes of our Lord. 
Is it wrong if I ask you to continue on adoring me covering me with false promises, 
I’m just loving this beautiful lie, it was lovely while it lasted, see I was so happy,
until I was awoken from the truth and found out the happiness in this world was a trick for the fools.  

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2011

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