Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 4: The Child..The survival

the child was born
in the garden of death
where the ground
is drenched with blood
and the steps are laden
with misery
so can he out run
his fear?.

surrounded by the
ruthless trees
and wolves hiding
behind them
waiting for the moment
he will drop !

he defied 
and kept running
like a Gazelle    
he will not be
the dinner tonight
he will run ! 
he is a survivor !!        
but can he out run
his pain ?

running towards
that dim light
at the end
of the garden
why it dosent become
brighter ?!
why it dosent
have mercy and
come closer?!
why cant it feel
the deep wounds
the heavy breaths?!

he kept running
and his mother
overcasting him,
showering on 
him from the sky
tears filled with
love and compassion
to wash all the hate
and anger
to heal the wounds
of cruelty and suffering
to water the seed
of hope and faith
in his heart

keep running my son!
keep running
and if you stumble
stand up !!
continue the journey
keep faith in Allah
the most Merciful
the most Gracious
and HE will guide you

stand up i said
and face the darkness,
face the wolves
and the wounds
run until the last  breath
and dream
yes dream courageously
and never give up
only then
the light will come brighter
and you will see
that they are the cowards
they are the lifeless
and you are the
hero of this world

P.S: to all the children suffering out there . suffering from war ,poverty or violence ...not having the oppurtunity or getting abused ...may Allah help them all amiin

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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