Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 8: Oppression of the Veil

Don't you think its oppression when Muslim women wear the veil?

“I’ll ask you a question before you get the answer of a Muslim woman's covering

I tell you what’s oppressing?

Putting oppression of the people in Iraq and Afghanistan,

Closing of all water all rights of theirs

That’s oppression, putting the peoples mind in

depression state  having to make them have permission

To live their life.

So if we go in the true meaning of depth of oppression

The army troops that put the Muslim people through

Are you telling me they aren’t being 

bleak won’t let them shout out or speak?

Giving stress and worry to them cursing trouble to them

Putting  burdensome pressure Taking pictures and making them do humiliating things, isn’t that oppression?

And if oppression is a domination of us wearing the veil how so if they  wear it because

In our religion says we should, but I swear I never hear non of you complain about nun's on how they dress, you may be putting blood shed to many countries but we won't drop our faith if a bullet was coming our way. 

They try their hardest to hold on to their  faith, while they go out there and rape them

Burn them, shoot them, hunt them the permission they take to kill them

Putting everything that’s got to do with corruptions upon them,

Intimidate the people, oh how you make them feel which is oppressive.

So let’s go back again is it not oppression of what they are doing isn’t it not their right

To destroy a country to which is not yours, its oppression to what they’ve done to them

Imposing Oppression and domination to them. “

Idil Mahamad 
Copyright ©2011

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