Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: depression ..break the chain

the time passes
and you still here
sitting here
in this desert
in this emptiness
holding those souls
hostages to the
wicked desires
shackling them
to the darkness
of night
seducing them
to exchange vows
with death

come on old man
let's leave!!
come on old man !!
let's go to
the land of hope
where the sun
is gentle and laughing
and the sky is crystal blue

come on old man
and lead those people
to where the wind of will
flirts with the dreams
and the rain of faith
heals  the spirit
come on old man
to where every moment
is dancing with
the joy of life

he kneeled  kissing the
feet of death
showing his devotion
and with every wrinkle
of a lost soul in his face
shouting !!
my tears are the sand
of this desert !
here are the roots of misery
here is the well of my strength
so ask them to leave
ask them to revolt and
start the journey
 pray to Allah the Almighty
and  He (SWT) shall guide
you through the doubts
and the fears
this the truth i said it
and from now on let silence be
our language !

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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