Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: Hippie Talk

All the money and all the lies
Sweetness of the honey 
and the father of the flies
Light comes and the darkness of night

All those philosophers I believe were just fuckin high
Deluded with the delusion of the vanity of life
Daydreaming or was it a visual Hallucination
Waiting in desperation, breath in with patients
We are awake in a dream and when we sleep,
Death is around the corner so be ready and greet.

The buzzing bees and the deepest of the seas
Everything we try to defeat we loose with creed
We imitate them only because we are intimidated
What’s the purpose when you look just pathetic?  

We find our selves in mixed episodes, a mixed state and mixed emotions.
Racing thoughts won’t leave me alone
And the basket of memories should I just burn them all

And when I’m left with no company, 
I’m in the company of someone else
So the racing thoughts start haunting again, 
like the minds of the psycho
Who hear those little echo's, 
and I imagine if I’m left longer alone
Insanity would drift in, 
and once with humanity, 
I may not be here.

Idil Mahamad 
Copyright ©2011

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