Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paradise in the Dust

Written and inspired by Dat Somalian Realist feat. Pen ‘N’ Paper

We living in a mess
Coz we just lost a paradise in the dust
I see rebels and guns on the shelf
Teenagers with shells

They got big heads
Coz they got guns
The elders with beard
Don’t preach about peace

They are not scared
There is no police
Or pay bail to be released
So they increase the pain (BANG BANG BOOM)

We need a device
Names termed nice
Let’s connect the nation
And see the price of peace

We use tribe
Speak bitter then spice
Some still dying in the ice
And some throwing the dice

We got bread
But back home
They dying for a slice
I’m asking for peace
Not twice but trice

Because we kids are paying the price
I’m not trying to be wise
All I’m asking is can we all try to be nice?

“I don’t wanna live in this history
As I write with tears for my lost paradise”

Seems we met our doom
Wise words by Dat Somalian Realist
We are driven mad by madness

We are taking everything for granted
Seems like we fell asleep since we landed
On solid ground
Peace of mind finally found?

Call me ridiculous
Can’t laugh while my people feel vicious
Please explain!!!

To me how we end up here
Living what we call a life without fear
While they live a life literally from hand
To mouth, the suffering doesn’t come to an end

Something went wrong
If life is all about the survival of the strong
All I hold is my pen and paper
To reach my people, my distant neighbour

Generation after generation
When do we generate peace for our nation?
Take me by the hand
Like your little brother make me understand

With hardship comes ease.
Live it with your incredible drive.
Loosen your pride, it kills us to this very date.
The Horn of Africa, make it your brothers and your own.

Seems we met our doom

My people living in misery
Life hangs by a single thread, they rolled the dice

“I don’t wanna live in this history
As I write with tears for my lost paradise”

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s) featuring Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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